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All The Single Ladies

Some Saturdays on the blog we've talked about "Saturdates." As a single lady, I hesitated to sign up for a Saturday due to the fact that I don't have anyone to date on Saturdays. But then I remembered my favorite person to take on a date on Saturdays......... me!

I'm a huge proponent of the fact that just because you find yourself single doesn't mean you can't enjoy some aspects of life too. I have often joked that if I were to ever write a book about areas of discrimination I have encountered in my life, one chapter would be titled "Table For One: Single People Need To Eat Too!"

I remember years ago when I was living in a campus ministry house with seventeen students. I was the staff member in residence in charge of overseeing the property. In case you think you may have read that one line wrong, trust me you did not. I did in fact share a home with seventeen other people. There were many nights during those five and a half years that I would go out to dinner by myself. With seventeen housemates my choice to eat alone had nothing to do with a lack of people in my life. In fact my choice to eat alone had to do with an over abundance of people in my life (and all the moms out there said "amen"). In that season I ate alone because I needed some silence and time to myself.

If I had let other people's discomfort with my choice to go against the norm deter me, then I may have never found a moment to enjoy a good meal by myself. I may have never embraced that I can do things like eat in a restaurant and have a lil night out by myself. And if I continue to let those things deter me, then I risk living a life that is closed off to so much!

Just this past fall I challenged myself to do something alone that made me a tinge uncomfortable. There was a volleyball game happening at the university where I work. I had been to quite a few games that season but on that particular night I could not find anyone to go with me. My choices: skip the game or go to a sporting event by myself for the first time. I hesitated for a while and then I realized I didn't want to set up a precedent in my life where I forgo something I enjoy just because my presence alone may make other people uncomfortable or take a second look. So I went to the game by myself and enjoyed every minute of it.

So to my single ladies out there or the moms needing some space or anyone in any status or space or season in life....... do yourself the favor and take yourself on a lil Saturdate. Just might be one of the best dates of your life!

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