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"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3

When Paul wrote to the church at Philippi, he wanted to make sure they knew how much he appreciated their support. Paul had a calling to preach about Jesus and a dream to see many come to Christ. This church had come along beside him in prayer and support to help see that dream become a reality.

"Realists know where they are going. Dreamers have already been there. " ~~ Robert Orben

I came across the above quote of Robert Orben and it stood out to me as being profound. To dream, to REALLY dream against all odds and not give up, takes faith. To believe that dreams can happen means you can already see it as if you have been there before. 

When someone has a dream, we have a choice to either speak life or death to their dream. Joseph had dreams and his brothers attempted to kill it. But God was the author of the dream so it couldn't die. If God has birthed a dream within someone's heart, let's roll up our sleeves, look them in the face and ask, "Can I run along beside you to help build this dream?"

Disappointment. Hurt. Betrayal. Humiliation. Competition. Comparison. These are all able to kill dreams. 

Affirmation. Love. Acceptance. Believing in someone. These all breathe life into the dreams people carry within the heart. 

I am a dreamer. In fact, at times it can be a struggle to make my mind rest from it's constant somersault of ideas. Those are the times I realize I need to stop, breathe in the Spirit, and ask Him to help me filter out which ideas are from my Father and which ones are just simple fun thoughts.

Looking back over dreams fulfilled, I am so thankful that my Father has always cheered me on in my dreams. And I am thankful for each relationship built when I or someone else has chosen to run along beside each other to see dreams become reality

Let's take the dream journey with people today. Let's speak life until we see their dreams take flight. Agree with the dream God paints for yourself and for others. Speak it forth for the sake of others. 

And let's thank Him in advance for the dreams He is building into reality!

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