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Dripping Honey-part 2

A couple of days ago a wrote about a hot roll...I must say I feel a little convicted about it. It was so delicious, but definitely not on the health plan. I talked about how kind words were sweet and brought health.

I want to take us to a story from the Old Testament today about how honey revived someone’s life and strength. In 1 Samuel 14:24-29 (we will stop there) scripture tells the story of a fierce battle between the Philistines and the Israelites. The warriors were exhausted but kept on fighting without eating because Saul, their king, had banned eating until they won the battle.

Jonathon, Saul’s son, had not heard this warning. He saw some honey laying on the ground, and ate a bit of it. He was instantly revived, gaining strength from the honey and went on to bring about a great deliverance for the people of Israel. What happens in the next few verses is chaos as the warriors go into a frenzy of killing and eating animals improperly just to name one.

The point is, in regards to words, we all get worn out, fatigue sets in and discouragement ensues. Withholding kind, gentle, and inspiring words continues to suck the life out of a person, draining them of what they have left to offer. When we can give words, like honey, they will instantly give life, renewed strength, and encouragement to keep pressing on!

Let’s take the challenge to be honey givers

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