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Family ties

Just a quick note this morning to remind each of us the importance of our bond to the multi generations of family. We NEED each other. Each generation can learn from the other. I cannot wait to be with my little grandson! Each time we are together, my heart is so full. His laughter, energy, inquisitiveness, and sheer sweetness is catchy. He teaches me to look at life in a fresh new way.. When my children are with me, we enjoy the others company and are developing a friendship that happens with adult children. Yet learning moments always exist. My parents are passed now, but I still cherish our times together and what I would do for my mom’s banana pudding right about now....I loved to be able to pick up the phone and ask her a question, gleaning from her wisdom. Sisters, don’t discount another generation thinking they are not relevant to you. We are knit together to make a beautiful tapestry of life. Let’s do this thing called life together. We are truly #stronger/bettertogether

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