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Goal Setting-It is not a bad thing

I think I shy away from setting too many goals, or not setting any because I am afraid that I can‘t or won’t meet them. So why disappoint myself right?? NOT

Unfortunately that has been my mindset at times, even if it is an unconscious one.

Let me explain. When I don’t make the determined decision to complete something, I cannot let myself down, so I go through the day with the attitude ‘if I finish great, if I don’t that’s okay too. ‘

This year I want to be more determined to set goals. I want to have a definitive plan to accomplish them, and the courage, strength and endurance to complete them. I have chosen 6 areas that I want to set goals in.


This is not a huge task if I break it down to small increments. Follow me because it can work for you too. As I write down each category on a piece of paper [yes-I am old school and proud of it]. I want to make a small change in each area so I write that down and what practical steps I can make to work on it

EXAMPLE: Spiritual-read the Bible through in one year. I find a plan on You Version Bible app and follow it daily. If I miss a day, then I pick up more chapters the next day to catch up. I can even set reminders with this app to help me. I can have friends see my progress and encourage me to continue. This helps me with accountability. Spend time with God Daily

Another example, Financial, for instance—Not buy things I don’t need, just because it is on sale. I’m speaking for me personally because I know my weakness. I have to have the mindset that it is not a good deal if I don’t need it. I mean, really, how many black shirts can one girl have???

Physical—walk more (park farther away), make better choices with food, less portions, etc.

Intellectual- read 1 book a month, listen to podcasts regularly, learn a new skill

Emotional-be more considerate, less talk and more listening, be content on the inside

RelatIonal—reach out to an estranged family member, call your parents or children, make time for the ones who you love the most and broaden your circle of friends

These are things I will focus on this year, but it can spark you to choose areas you want to improve on or start working on as well.

No matter how big or ominous any task my seem, it can be accomplished.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I know GOD has Great things in store for each of us, and He wants to develop us into His masterpiece. It takes trust and work —But we can do it and our GOD is faithful to complete what He started in us. Philippians

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