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Im going to take the liberty of dubbing today "National Hug a Missionaries Day". They hold a very special and significant place in my heart and life. I am grateful for them because my family was one of those reached by one of our faithful and courageous Assemblies of God World Missionaries.

In the 1960’s Lewie and Evelyn Spencer obeyed and surrendered to the call of God to leave everything behind and go to Central America as Assemblies of God missionaries. There they faithfully served and raised their children. And as often missionary children do, one of their sons followed in their footsteps and sensed a calling to missions too. Years later, this son David and his family ended up working among Americans living in Panama, Central America where my separated, almost divorced, father was living. By the grace of God, David Spencer and my father met! Pastor David spent countless hours pouring into my father’s life and because my mother saw the transformation in my father’s life, after 3 years of separation, their marriage was restored. And of course this family's Godly influence did not stop there! Through the example of the Spencer’s and their adult children, I as a 20-year old, began to see that I too could serve the Lord in my youth. My life was ETERNALLY changed.

I am thankful that God..... loves us so much that He sends His Holy Spirit (many times through complete strangers, neighbors or family members) to tell us the life changing message of His son Jesus.

I am thankful to God.....for placing a call on peoples lives to go half way across the world to make disciples of all nations Matt 28:19 .

I am thankful to God .....for people like us (you and me) who have the ability to send these missionaries out with our prayers and with cash in hand to do the work God has set before them.

୧(﹒︠ ̫ ̫̊ ̫﹒︡)୨


Have you considered influencing people around the world? Check out what these people are doing around the world and in America !

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