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The 👑 King 👑 Is In The Room!

Remember the day you surrendered your life to the King?

Relive ....the circumstance...the place...the people there..

....the lighting of your surroundings....the temperature of the room.

How tangible was His presence?

Recall His presence in that glorious moment!

You KNEW He was right there with you!


When you feel joy ...He is there!

When you are still...He is there!

When you are overwhelmed with a circumstances of your day.... He is there!

When you are confused and don't know which way to turn...He is there!

When you are overcome with temptation ...He is there!

When you need forgiveness...He is there!

When you forget He is there.... He is STILL there!

Jehovah Shamma (God is there), help me recall today and every moment that I am never alone. Remind me that I will not be consumed by any situation because you are there. May your abiding presence be my constant peace and assurance that you are MY Immanuel (God is with us). AMEN



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