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Keep Walking

I can remember one of the first times I heard the song “Do it again”. Standing in church, with one baby on my hip, and the other attached to my leg, the worship team began to sing…”Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall. Lord you have never failed me yet. Praying for change to come, knowing the battles won. Lord you have never failed me yet.”

Tears began to fall. This was my heart put to a melody.

Waiting is hard. Waiting, even when we know the eventual outcome is still hard.

The song references the battle of Jericho, when God instructed Joshua to walk around the wall – one time each day for 6 days. On the 7th day, they were to walk around 7 times, and when the trumpet sounded, they were to let out a shout and the walls would come down. Victory would be theirs.

There’s not much more detail given to the story. Yet, I wonder if they were like us. I wonder if on day 3 they were tired. I wonder if on day 5 they were arguing amongst themselves that this was ridiculous, and they should retreat. I wonder if, in their waiting for the very thing they were working toward, the thing that God promised, if many didn’t question the process and question the promise.

So much of life is walking around the walls of our promise, waiting for the change to come. It’s doing the thing, faithfully, that God’s instructed us to do even when, and especially when, our own logic says it won’t work. It’s putting our trust in a God who isn’t just capable but is constant in showing His love for us in causing us to win.

Maybe you are in a position of waiting, trying to trust that God is working things out, but unable to see any of the pieces He’s moving into place for you. How do you trust Him? Look at His character. Every single thing He is, is for you. He is redeemer, protector, provider, defender. He is giver, healer, peace, comfort and strength. He is a shield, the lifter of my head, my exceeding joy, my light and salvation. The word describes Him as this and so much more! Every single thing that God is – is FOR YOU! His very being declares that He desires to give you and BE all you need.

So, while you wait – seemingly circling the promises and wondering if you’ll ever hold them as your own – don’t get tired, don’t give up on the 6th lap!  Walk, in faith, knowing that His promises don’t fail, His word doesn’t come back void and every word He’s ever said Has been true. On this Sabath Sunday, truly rest in the knowing that He is FOR YOU. The walls will fall!

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