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REMAIN, remain, remain , in one way or another, is repeated ELEVEN times in John 15:1-17 . I wonder if Jesus is trying to tell us something =) I believe that these repetitions are begging for our attention & consideration. So let's concede & do so by considering these things.

* If I say the word "remain" ,

what do you think of?

* Amongst the pictures provided,

which one best depicts your

mental understanding of

'remaining' ?

*Which of these synonym below

best describe what the word

'remain' means to you


abide persist stand cling perch stay put

linger tarry lodge

dwell hold on

As we examine our personal understanding of the word 'remain', let's also notice that these verses continually communicate a sense of utter dependency on Jesus. He likens our dependency to Him as that of His with His Father. Throughout the whole passage, He is calling us to something more profound & intimate. Something that is not superficial like just knowing about Him or just acknowledging His existence. He implores us to remain in Him, in His word & to follow His Father's commands just as He Himself has done. He is not asking us to do something that He hasn't already followed through with. In return He offers us joy, truth & communion with Him!

You might be asking yourself.... ALL THIS FOR WHAT? This intimate relationship with Him is what mature us, shape us & strengthen us so that His love can o o z e out of us. Ooze out of us into our earthly relationships, to people we don’t know, people we run into occasionally, to people that know Him, to those that don't, t our siblings, to our children etc. The ultimate goal of this love & joy we receive is for us to give it away!

Jesus is offering us all He has. (vs 15)

Jesus is calling for us consistently remain in Him. (vs 5-7)

Jesus is asking us to then bear lasting fruit. (vs 8)

Jesus is imploring us to LOVE each other. (vs 17)


Activity: Print out this Praying in Color page & consider the words or synonyms that come to mind as you ponder the meaning of REMAIN. Spend some time filling out, coloring &

embellishing this picture. Or better yet come up with your own drawing!

Article: Love is ...

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