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One of my favorites days is Saturday. I don’t sleep late but enjoy the quiet predawn darkness. Usually, I get to relax a little longer on the couch, drink my coffee, have a longer quiet time and light a few candles. That is relaxation for me, no big agenda. But for others, relaxation means something different. Whatever it means for you, it is something each of us needs to do regularly.

As the world pushs in on life, we need to push back with a “wait just a minute”. We must get prepared to face each day. Preparation is paramount to be successful in anything we pursue. That means we MUST take time —to rest, to prepare, get ready, get strong, get armored up.

However, Saturdays are not always my day of rest. It can frequently mean traveling, meeting, cleaning, etc. What I am learning is that no matter what each day brings, I must be prepared, and that is something only I can do for me.

Jesus is constantly calling me to Him because He is the only way I can truly get prepared for the day. I look forward to my time with Him everyday. With Him I can do all things, but without Him I am weak and frail, and unprepared.

Take a few extra breaths today, relax just a little bit longer and ask Jesus to breathe His

refreshing spirit into you and prepare for the adventure that awaits you .....

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