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Who doesn’t love the game of Hide and Go Seek? As a child, my favorite way to play this game was in the dark. No lights at all. My best spot was on top of the mantle to the fireplace. This gave me the advantage to see above the game and I cannot remember a time I was ever found. I would eventually just come down and announce my presence because I never wanted to give up my best spot. I have to confess though that I never wanted to be the Seeker. How boring was it being the one to go around and look for other people hiding? If you were the Seeker, you had the worst job. Sad thing is I brought this Seeker dislike into adulthood.

Think of the components of the Hide and Go Seek Game. Now apply those components to your walk of faith. The Seeker is the go getter when it comes to wanting to find out God’s plan. The Seeker purposefully sets aside time to read the Bible, talk to God and seek answers. This person knows God and truly hears His voice. On the other hand, the Hider seems content just finding a comfy spot to settle in and let someone else do all the work. Like I said earlier, I never liked being a Seeker. It is so much easier letting someone else tell me what God wants of me or explain a story in the Bible. I can just sit in the dark and be silent while the Seekers of the world figure it all out and find those hidden things. In doing this, I realized something wasn’t working for me. I didn’t find the contentment I thought I would and I sure didn’t have the relationship with God that I really wanted to have. So, I flipped it and became the Seeker. In doing that life changed. I truly came to understand more of God’s word just for me.

For example:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” — Matthew 6:33

I am NOT going to tell you how I understood this before the flip but I will say that it is very personal now. By being a Seeker and spending time on my own to figure it out and to make sense of my life and what God has for me — things just started happening. I was so focused on the reading and learning that I didn’t think about “all these things” and guess what??? They were added to my life and I didn’t even ask for them. Seeking God, a real authentic friendship with the creator, is life changing. You will be amazed at the things you thought were important are not anymore and the things you often thought you needed to be complete just fall into place. So if you haven’t flipped to the Seeker side, there is no time like the present!!

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Rhonda Anzivino
Rhonda Anzivino
Jun 16, 2021

So good!

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