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Something New

I heard a new song this week and I want to share it with you.

(Victory is Yours, Bethel)

As I was reading through Psalms 149 this morning, I was reminded about this song that God has placed in my heart and mind this week. A new song. It has given me a new perspective just like these verses did. Our song to the Lord, our shouts of praises are our weapons of War. We are in a fight, a battle that has already been won for us. At the same time, it is our responsibility to fill our Mouths with holy and high praises. Not only does it bring glory to God, but it lets the enemy know nothing will silence our cries of worship. God has been so faithful!

So, I encourage you to break out in your Happy Dance today. Sing a little Hallelujah! Let your Praises rise. Don't let a rock or stone cry out for you!

Psalm 149:1-6 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Triumphant Praise

149 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! It’s time to sing to God a brand-new song so that all his holy people will hear how wonderful he is! May Israel be enthused with joy because of him, and may the sons of Zion pour out their joyful praises to their King. Break forth with dancing! Make music and sing God’s praises with the rhythm of drums! For he enjoys his faithful lovers. He adorns the humble with his beauty and he loves to give them the victory. His godly lovers triumph in the glory of God, and their joyful praises will rise even while others sleep. 6 God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths, for their shouted praises are their weapons of war!

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