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My stepdad always showed up. He married my mom when I was 5 years old and accepted the challenge of raising 2 little girls who were not biologically his. I had a present father so it was even more of a challenge to raise 2 little girls who called him “Mr. David”.

Raising daughters brought many challenges. There were screaming fights and punishments, but the thing I remember most was him always showing. He coached our little league, brought us to school, picked us up late from practice, cooked every meal, and was always there to fix a flat tire.

Even now that I’m grown and have my own family, he’s always the first person I reach out to when I need something. He created a role in my life that I didn’t even know was missing.

He exemplified the role our heavenly Father should be playing in our lives, but it does take us opening up and allowing Him to be part of our lives. The Lord is so gracious and always showing up for us.

So thank you to Mr. D for always being there. For parenting 2 little girls who you have always considered yours, and for showing an earthly example of the role the Father plays in our lives.

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