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Texting, not my thing

For those of you that know me, you know that texting isn’t my first choice of communicating. I like to use texting for short questions, grocery lists, “are you on the way yet?”, and other types of short phrases that don’t require a long response.

However, I do find it to be very useful. Lately, I have had many meaningful conversations through text. I believe people chose to text instead of call because they didn’t want to interrupt me and really just needed to give me a quick update, ask for prayer or give me an encouraging word. I understood that people did not have to hear my voice, to hear my voice.

That is the beauty of the WORD OF GOD, we have the opportunity to hear the word through reading and/or listening throughout the day, everyday. So often, I need a boost ( a reminder, or lift, or even a correcting word) to help me on my journey for the day, to stay on track, keep the focus clear and continue in the faith. I am so grateful that God wanted to give me His word so I could have it available at any time of the day or night, I am also grateful for those that texted me to share their lives with me. IT is such a way of connection -words without words- yet it is just as powerful as being spoken.

I love to talk, but I am learning that texts are powerful too. We can use them for GOOD! We must be purposeful, and thoughtful with the texts we share (if it’s not a grocery list) realizing that the reader needs us to “speak” into their life. We have the opportunity to be Jesus through the stroke of the keys How 2021 is that? LOL

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