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The Little Tugboat

Summertime is here! My family headed out to Alabama for the weekend with family on the lake. Twelve of us on a boat and the competition was on -- who could stay on the tube the longest aka "King of the Tube". Not long into the competition the boat had issues and we stopped. We called a towing company and 45 mins later this baby tugboat arrived. Needless to say at 2 miles an hour we were not getting any where. It reminded me of the storybook about the Little Tugboat but this one couldn't. So the tugboat called a tugboat. By the time we made it to a landing, the sunset was gorgeous and the wind off the water felt so amazing to my skin. We then took a boat ride on asphalt roads to the lake house (I felt like I needed some beads to throw as we went down the roads) so...this weekend has started out with some fabulous memories already. Looking at this picture though it made me think about how important a life line is. We were stranded and could have stayed all night, but the little tugboat showed up. Even though he tried to help us, he even needed some help from a friend to get us where we needed to be. Sometimes our life line comes through a chain of events. Don't overlook the little things because they could be the very things that get us moving to where we need to be.

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