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What is it?

What is a food that is 100% organic, meets all daily nutritional needs, free, divinely approved, naturally sweetened with a hint of honey & delivered daily & not by Amazon?

What is it?.... (man-hu) Manna

This heavenly delicacy was daily at the finger tips of the Israelites in one of their greatest times of need. Exodus 16:1–5. Their breakfast dropped down from heaven EVERYDAY! Can you mentally grasp that concept? ... not having to decide 'what 's for breakfast' for 40 years! And, mind you, dinner was also provided! Nothing more than .... quail! I would say that's a pretty good set-up; specially after all the whining

you've done.

Even though they left Egypt with all the necessary provisions, they some how found room to continuously complain. This complaining then turned their short trip through the wilderness into a 40 year long ordeal. But even in the mist of that, God was gracious.

Later on in the narrative in Exodus 16:32, 33, Moses was instructed by God to save some of this manna in a jar as a reminder of God's supernatural provision. It's like God knew His people would have the propensity to forget His faithfulness.

So lets not! This narrative helps us remember:

🍞 We must practice trust & obedience. Numbers 14:26–35


🍞 God wants & will meet our physical need. Luke 12:22–31, Philippians 4:19

🍞 God is gracious even if we are ungrateful. Joel 2:13

🍞 God is our provider always & specially in hard circumstances. Psalm 65:9-13

🍞 God is dependable, DAILY!

Walking through a wilderness is hard stuff. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure that along the way they had some cuts, bruises & maybe some blood. Many of us are walking in one right now. But, today let us not forget, & choose to remember, who He has proven Himself to be. He is faithful, He is gracious, He is patient & He supplies all our needs (and sometimes wants) according to His riches in glory Philippians 4:6 , 19 . He is our daily spiritual bread, just as He was for the Israelites in their wilderness.

As we faithfully remember to rely on Him, He becomes our daily & eternal MANNA.


Further Study on Manna:

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