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1,000 Seeds 🌻

Only 20 Sunflower heads are needed to produce 21,000 sunflower stalks in an acer of land!

1,000 to 1,400 potential seeds are typically produced on a sunflower head. What potential!

Can you imagine how many bird feeders that could fill & how many birds that could feed?

Guess how many verses there are in the Bible?

Yes, over 1000 verses.

Each verse is a seed that God promises will not return void.

Each verse comes with the PROMISE to create more & multiply its effect.

Each verse producing more life than any sunflower ever could.

6“By the word of the Lord the

heavens were made...

9 For he spoke, and it came to

be; he commanded, and it

stood firm.” Ps 33:6,9

If we truly believe that each seed or Word of the Lord has this kind of power, punch & promise, then lets consider......

🌱Are these seeds germinating within our own hearts?

🌱What other hearts are we planting the Word in?

🌱Which Words are we planting?

🌱How many seeds are we planting?

Plant joy not resentment

Plant love not darkness

Plant truth not babble

Plant faith in God not self sufficiency.

Use us Lord to create beauty & spiritual life for ourselves & others around us.



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