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2019 - A Year Of Confronting


As you know, goal setting is a common practice of the new year. Usually, we have a Bible challenge on that list, a financial goal, and maybe even a fitness goal. However, let’s talk about those things didn’t make it onto your goals list. The sore or untouched areas in your life that are not so fun to think about. Those things that you explain away with a “that’s just the way I am” or maybe you don’t say it out loud, but you think to yourself, “this will always be the way it is.”

Sometimes the scariest, yet most powerful thing you can do, is to ask God to reveal what living in a fallen world has done to you and ask Him to show you the junk that’s clogging the pipes to your complete freedom. Questions like, “how has life affected the intimacy and transparency of my marriage?” or, “how has ministry affected my attitude toward people?” or, “what struggles from my childhood am I still battling as an adult?” are never fun questions. But when you start to ask tough questions and open yourself up to the answers, you enter into a place where God can bring radical transformation to parts of your life that are in need of a touch from Him.

The Lord has been revealing beautiful things to me about myself, reassuring me how proud He is of me, and encouraging me as I step into this new year. However, He’s also been showing me some things that aren’t so pretty to look at, some things that I forgot were there, some things that, frankly, if left to me would go undealt with for a while. And while that’s not fun, I’m grateful because laying those things at his feet, and doing the hard and uncomfortable things He’s asking me to do, have made their way to the top of my goals list this year. I’m excited for the challenge and for the growth and healing that will come from obedience.

I encourage you ladies to put away the booms and sweep nothing under the carpet this year.

Let 2019 be a year of confronting things with the power and grace of the Holy Spirit!

Love you all!

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