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A Few Of My Favorite Things

When I can't sleep When the clothes need folding When I'm feeling sad I simply remember to listen to a inspiring podcast And then I don't feel so bad!

Listening to podcasts is my way of relaxing & my go-to while doing mindless chores. The cool thing is that I learn something new & usually inspiring as I get things done. Multi-tasking is my downfall :/

So, I thought I'd share some of my latest favorites with you:

Tim Mackie the Creative Director for The Bible Project , former pastor of the Door of Hope Church in Portland and Dr in Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies has multiple series on interesting Biblical topics. My latest favorite is his Psalms Study which touchs on topics that encourage us to deal with our FEAR, PAIN, CONFESSION & DOUBT. As part of this series, he emphasizes that the Psalms are an excellent example of how we, just like psalmist, can pray through our emotions with God. As a bonus he includes a digital 90 day free journal that accompanies it.

Another of my most recent ones has been the podcast Strength to Submit from The Grove. Here Christine Cane candidly talks about her calling and the changes she has had to make as she and her husband raise their teenage daughters.

& then there is The Moral Revolution whose motto is "we are a group of individuals who have given up the status quo and are on the journey to openly and honestly talk about healthy sexuality the way God designed it: shame-free, full, passionate, unhindered, protected, and life giving." This ministry has relevant podcasts for parents, singles, married, leaders, SSA, & lots on the subject of pornography. My most favorite so for has been Proactive Parenting: Stopping Porn Before It Starts.

So no matter what your reason for listening to podcasts is, whether it's long commutes, sleepless nights or mindless chores; I hope that these few inspire you to continue learning about living a life lead & directed by God.


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