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A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

With the school year getting started, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed as you prepare for the new year ahead. With the stress and busyness of a new year comes the tendency to let the other parts of your life slide. In my life, that tends to be the cleanliness of my house. During the summer, I have the space in my day and brain to keep things clean and organized. I usually go through and clear out my belongings and end the summer super organized and fresh. It is glorious! But unfortunately, by the second or third week of school, my house is a wreck again and I have managed to accumulate random odds and ends that need to be sorted or thrown out.

I am definitely the type of person who hates clutter and mess, so this annual ritual always proves to frustrate and annoy me. After years of this cycle, I have lived by one simple tip to combat this annoyance:

“Leave things as you want to find things”

It can be easy to, in haste, leave your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room in a messy tornado as you are busy going about your life. I find that this tendency adds so much clutter over time that it can be overwhelming to fix the issue. It is much easier to clean little by little as you go then to wait for the room to get completely unlivable. I like to look around the room, access what things could easily be handled, and just do them quickly before I go to another room or leave the house. This usually takes all of two minutes but saves me hours in clean up and keeps me feeling sane! This tip is not rocket science or anything new, but the application is revolutionary and will turn your messy life around.

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