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A new life

I once was lost. I was spiritually dead. I was blind to the truth, and Jesus died for me. While I was a sinner, an enemy, he died for me. He died for the worst person you could possibly think of.

He made me a new creation through his resurrection power. I was once deep in sin and in bondage. I thought I would die before I was free. But I cried out to Jesus one day and he set me free. I pleaded with him to save me or let me die, and he saved me. But the old me died at the same time.

Since then I have never looked back. I have never been the same. That’s the power of the cross. This power comes only with surrendering our lives to him. That is when my life truly began, when I surrendered my whole life to follow after Christ. It was the love of God that drew me to Him.

God gave me a new life in Christ. Every benefit of Christ is in the cross, where he laid down his life. Jesus is the life. There is no resurrection without him. Jesus walked this earth, born to die, and rise again.

Resurrection to me means being born again into Christ. He gave us the power to live victorious lives in Him. We can overcome the power of sin and live for God. We do not live in sinless perfection but we die daily to ourselves and live for Him.

Living for Him and surrendering to His will for my life is the best decision I ever made. He has made me new and I love who He made me. I am a vessel of the Holy Spirit. I am who He created me to be. Like Lazarus I was dead, but now I live again, walking proof of His great goodness and power.

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