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A Prayer for Pastors

Father, thank you for the call and office of a Pastor. I thank you for the privilege to serve You in that capacity. 

Father, I pray for the strengthening of their hearts. I thank you for their spouse. Thank you for placing a person that is trustworthy in their home. Father, I pray for their home to be in order and that their marriage would be whole. No impurity allowed to enter, in thought or deed. Let their marriage be full of love and forgiveness. I pray for their home to be a safe place for them, a place of rest and holiness. Every need be met for their family and in their church for their church family. Let there be no lack. No lack in vision, finances, Presence of God, miracles and every manifestation of Gods presence. Thank you for Your grace over their hearts.

Father, we pray revelation knowledge, surrendered hearts, pure motives, holiness in their lives, homes and pulpits. That they would desire Your will more than any other thing in their lives. Laying all their cares at Your feet, constant petitioning on the behalf of souls. That their lives would be a pure representation of who You are. That opportunity for the Kingdom to be furthered would be plentiful, and they would recieve the invitation. 

I pray for Holy Spirit Fire and discernment, knowledge and wisdom in Your presence. That there would be no waivering in their heart. Help them to follow You well, staying humble and in constant surrender to You. Help them to manage their time well. Give them time in Your presence and let nothing steal that time.

I pray over the destinies of their children. That their children would completely fulfill the call and tasks that You have specifically created them for. That their children would not have anything in their testimony that does not have business being there. Do not let them stray or even hear any other gospel than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their children would serve You, all their days becoming mighty men and women of valor and honoring God and man in all of their dealings. 

I pray for their health. Father, help them to take care of the vessel You are using. Mind, Body & Soul. That there would be alignment and balance. Bring healing in every thought, heart ache or pain. There would be complete healing in any and all illnesses. That whatever they struggle with, would bow before the Name that is above every name, Jesus.

Thank you for all of the things that You have already done and all the things You will do for them. Touch our Pastors and speak so clearly to their hearts. 

We love you Father and we praise You for You alone are worthy! 

In Jesus name, Amen.

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Always keeping you and all my pastors in prayer daily!!🙏🏻♥️

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