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Advent's Promise

He came. Christ. God's only Son. The Creator came. Over 2,000 years ago, he came as a baby to fulfill prophecy and deliver us from sin. That was the first Advent.

Advent means - the arrival of a notable person or thing. It is the coming forth of some special event. These weeks just prior to Christmas day is often referred to as Advent. It is a season observed as a time of waiting expectantly for the celebration of the birth of Christ. And every detail of that night represents both past and future. It had all been prophesied about, waited expectantly for, and it played out before the angels.

Christ arrived! This notable Person arrived with the fanfare of heavenly beings announcing Him to priests that were watching their sheep. And with it came details of the future death. Christ was cradled in swaddling clothes in the same manner the Levitical shepherds swaddled lambs at birth in order to keep them from thrashing around and creating marks or blemishes. He was born in Bethlehem, the place that was known for raising the sheep that gave birth to the lambs which were used in the daily and annual sacrifices. Bethlehem was also the land of Boaz, the kinsman redeemer - and the ancestor of Kind David, who's seed would bring salvation. Each of those details pointed to another event - His death on the cross.

Just as that first advent, which had been spoken of for generations, finally became a reality, there is another advent coming. One day this notable Person, Christ our Lord, will come again. Angels will once again announce His coming. And although the actual details we do not know at this time, they no doubt will be just as intricately planned by The Father.

During this current Advent season, let's take time to pause and think about that future Advent. As we see the candles, hear the carols, read the story of His birth, let's allow the truth of His story to reaffirm us that His second advent will the clouds.......with all the glory of heaven announcing that He is ready for His bride! Let's expectantly wait for that great and glorious Advent in the sky!

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