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"Ain't No Rock"

Happy Throwback Thursday, Sisterhood!!

We often use this social media term when we’re speaking about a time that has passed-a look back into where we used to be. For some of us, we’d rather not and say we did, as we may recall moments of mess-ups or failures. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you’re the same person as back then- don’t camp there. When I think about Throwback Thursday, I recall those moments with a different perspective. As a matter of fact, I like to take those times past and reflect on where God has brought me from and what He has done in my life!! This is where I want us to lean into today. I’m remembering the story out Joshua 4, when God once again performed a mighty miracle by holding back the waters of the Jordan for Israel to cross over. In this passage, God instructs Joshua to have one man from every tribe (12) pick up a stone from the Jordan and erect a monument so that it will be a sign among Israel forever; that when their children asked what they were for, to tell of what God did for them.

We used to sing a song that said “Ain’t no rock, gonna cry in my place. As long as I’m alive I’ll glorify His holy Name.” I always recall this story from Joshua. For them it was stones, but for us it’s our “shout”. Ladies, it’s crucial for us to have “memorial stones” to look back on and encourage ourselves. And when people ask you “Where did this peace come from? How can you be joyful? How do you know God’s going to come through? How can I have this for myself?” We simply let our shout do the talking for us. Scripture tells us that even David and Paul encouraged themselves. While our stories may never be printed in black and white, I absolutely believe that the reverberation [resonance, echo, resounding] of our testimonies goes on and on and on.

Sisters, maybe today you’re in a place where you’re just wondering ‘God, are you here?’ Let me take the opportunity to remind you that YES, He is. Just as He’s been there before, He is here with you NOW. Let me also add that you are not facing whatever situation alone. Encourage yourself today by looking back at all those moments that ‘if not for God’, you wouldn’t know how things would’ve ended up. Just as the 12 memorial stones remind us the Lord was in that place, where you are-He is. I leave you with one of my newest favorite encouraging songs: Here Again by Elevation Worship.

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