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All You Ask

They say April showers bring may flowers. Like most of life, rain or storms seem to precede moments of glory and promise. The devastating flood; the rainbow and promise of God. Jonah and the storm at sea; a providential protection and forgiveness. Most every triumph we celebrate, and every victory we have - almost all of them are linked to first a defeat or a loss.

This was true of Ruth. As her story begins, there is hardly a mention of her being a widow. A life altering, devastating happening is merely mentioned as the backdrop and explanation for her current whereabouts. It's a detail that simply must be said to set the stage for the magnificence of God on display. Yet, imagine, becoming a widow. Imagine loosing the one you love most in this world, starting over without them and having to forge a new story all your own. Imagine the heartache, the daily struggle to find joy and a new normal. Yet, we hear nothing about that process before we delve into her BC version of a fairytale where we get to read all about how God did all she would ask.

In Ruth 3:11 that is what she is told by her soon to be Beloved:

"And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask."

In her presentation of herself, in her presenting of all her hopes and dreams, her longings to be His and her not-so-subtle pursuit of him, that was His response. Dear sister, That is Christ's response to us!

Maybe you are in the midst of your own personal rain shower. To you it feels more like a deluge, and you can not see when the sky will dry out and your rainbow and promise will appear. I urge you to remember Ruth whose story is just like yours. The creator of the universe is speaking to your heart, in the midst of the storm, "my daughter, don't be afraid. I will do for you all you ask".

Just like that dear soul, your current situation will be a mere mention in the greater story God is writing for you. Your triumph will soon take center stage, and all the devastation you may be currently wading through will seem like droplets of promises God was collecting to pour out in abundance again and again. Take heart, and remember that His goodness knows no bounds, His promises do not fail and just like dear Ruth - He will do for you all you ask!

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