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And Mary pondered these things in her heart...

I must admit that Christmas is still lingering around my house. Our tradition seems to be to take the decorations down after News Years Day. I still love listening to Christmas songs, and I’m still watching the Christmas movies i taped from the TV. It always seems so dark after the lights come down, so I like to wait as long as possible to get back to the “real”world. LOL I was reading a devotion this morning from my Christmas theme and Mary was discussed.

I have thought of her often as I read the story, but today I pondered a little longer than I usually do, I think you would be blessed to do the same. Let me explain-

Mary was given a promise and a charge. She would conceive a holy child and she was responsible for his upbringing. As she agreed to this, I am not sure she knew exactly all that would transpire during the months of her pregnancy. Can you imagine telling your parents that you are pregnant? Your fiancé? Imagine the looks from your friends, and townspeople to name a few. All the questions a young teenage girl could imagine swirled in her head and she seemed to only have an aunt that understood her.

As I pray for each of you today, I encourage you to KEEP HOLDING ON TO YOUR PROMISE!

I know that many of you have received a promise from the Lord about specific things for your life and your loved ones. Keep walking out your faith, never give up, don't listen to the negativity that can seem overwhelming at times, and Believe that He who gave you the promise will continue to work on your behave to see it come to pass. As that promise grows in you, and your feel the bump (in pregnancy terms) put your hands to your belly and speak life to your dream or promise. See God do something great with it in 2020! Much love to you my sisters....Kara

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