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Are You Leaving A Legacy?

Often Times we dream throughout childhood, young adulthood, and adulthood for the day we have children of our own. I know that was my deepest prayer and greatest dream for the longest time! For some of us, that dream is realized before we know it and for others, we have to wait many years before God answers those prayers. I believe many women desire to conceive because God has given us a beautiful desire to reproduce our lives. This desire has sustained humanity but it should also sustain the church! While many dream to have their own babies someday, I wonder if we also dream about Spiritual children that God is leading us to nurture and disciple? A phrase I hear often is what God wants to do in you, He wants to do through you. Our need to reproduce our lives goes far beyond the physical. There may be women in your life right now that you could be investing your life into. Teaching them about Jesus, walking with them through life’s trials, and celebrating their victories. My encouragement to you is that you will find these women and see God use you to multiply the Kingdom in ways you could’ve never imagined before!

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