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I have been in a busy season of transition.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my chair by my window enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I had finally gotten around to using a birthday present from a friend and it just so happened to be a coffee cup, and written on the cup in small print was the word, BEGIN. Hmm..a simple word. A challenging word. A word that scares the mess out of me for many reasons.

And here is why, If I BEGIN something then I set myself up for failure, for disappointment. True in my head. Completely false in the way that God works.

See, I have been a Christian for the greater part of my life. I have sat in Sunday school, did the Bible reading plans, memorized the scripture. But I have STRUGGGGGLLLLEEEDDDD to do anything consistently. I have become really good at being a Christian and having Christ involved as little as possible. Crazy. I feel crazy saying it, but it's the truth.

So as I noticed that simple word, I felt like God was telling me to begin. He was telling me to put my foot forward instead of hoping that he would lift and move it for me. To speak the things he was telling and teaching me without waiting for my mouth to move like a puppet. To stop waiting for everything to line up perfectly. To do what he was calling me to do. God has plans for each of us if we just take the first step and begin.

So today, I'm beginning all the things that God has been nurturing inside of me, and beginning to rid "excuses" from my vocabulary.

What are the excuses you need to stop making for yourself? Where is God telling you to begin?

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