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Being satisfied in the every day

I am learning to be satisfied with the every day. The more grateful I become for things, the more I see God give to me. He keeps giving, and it is just overwhelming lately.

The act of giving and receiving is no secret. It’s in God’s word. He promises to pour His blessings upon the givers. He also commands us to give. So with a giving heart I give, and He has always given back both financially and spiritually. The realm of the spirit is more real than what we can even see. We are more spiritual than we are physical.

As Christian believers, tithing should be something that comes automatically. It is the offering that gives us opportunities to be blessed even more. More than just money, we offer our lives to God daily. We crucify our own fleshly desires to get into the will of God. When we find His will we should not move, no matter how the storms may blow.

Lately I have had some financial storms, but I have thanked God for everything I have been given, even after eating beans for four nights or more each week. Dried beans are cheap y’all! I know that God is faithful and if we just hold on, He always works out a miracle right on time. He takes my breath away with His divine goodness to me. And He will do it for you too!

Malachi 3:10

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