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Can I be Peppa Pig?

One of my most favorite things in life is getting to be an aunt. Currently I have five nieces and nephews and there is an entire wall in my office dedicated to their pictures. Truly they are my favorite little people on the planet.

My niece Addison is currently obsessed with Peppa Pig. For Christmas the only thing she wanted was a Peppa Pig House. She didn't ask for anything else. Before her little brother was born in October you could ask her if she wanted a brother or sister. She always said she wanted a little brother like Peppa. And of course that little brother should also be named George. Just like Peppa's little brother. Needless to say, Peppa is kind of her role model in life at the moment. She wants to be just like her!

It's easy for us to look at kids and their cartoon role models and think that they need more real models to strive to be. Sure Peppa is actually a great role model for my niece but one day she's gonna realize that she cannot be British nor a pig. How silly that she thinks those things could happen.

But let's be real honest for a second, who or what are the silly things we consider in life and secretly are striving to be? Who are the people we follow on social media and in entertainment that we are wishing we could be like. Too often we find the people who outwardly exemplify things that we find attractive and wish could be true in our lives and we fail to see that there's so much more that we should be striving for. So much more that we should be modeling our lives after rather than the superficial.

For me personally one of my biggest goals in life is to be kind and warm. Therefore I want to find the role models that exemplify that and model it for me. I want to be around them and see how they build that in their lives in hopes of making it more a part of mine. I want to watch people that are richly dwelling in the Word of God and applying it fully in their lives and I want to follow their examples in that. I want to be a person that makes healthy choices, therefore I want to find healthy people and model some habits after them.

It's so easy with social media to only have fluffy role models and focus on the superficial. But let's not take easy. Let's take strategic and focused and determined to be better than we've ever been in every area of our lives. And let's take steps towards that by finding the role models that can help guide us in the right directions.

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