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Celebrate His Designs

I Iove art! Classical art is my preference. I love a good landscape or floral painting. When I look at more abstract or modern work, to me it feels as if the artist took too little time on the focus. I often do not see the purpose of such work. But my daughter loves it! Where it has no meaning to me, it usually speaks to her. So as she chooses the style she loves, I choose to applaud her and admire how she decorates. Which in truth looks great.

Often our lives and giftings are the same as art. Each person is uniquely created with a different mold. A different personality equipped with different gifts. Sometimes when we are mentoring others, we have to make a choice to applaud what we might not understand. Instead of trying to fit today's generation into the mold of our generation or of what was given to us by the previous generation, we can ask the great Artist what mold He has chosen for them. And celebrate His choice.

It's an issue that has been around since Cain was jealous of Able. Christ dealt with it when He looked at Peter and said, "What is it to you how I decide that John will die?" (my paraphrase) Paul had a different personality than Peter and ministered to a different group. John was opposite of both Peter and Paul. Yet each of them took part in building the early church.

Let's choose today to not become frustrated that those under us like different songs or art or a dress style. Instead, let's look deeper into what uniquely speaks to their heart and ask the heavenly Designer to help us applaud their growth in Him. Let's keep adding brush strokes of encouragement to the Kingdom's canvas and speak of His love to the world around us. The big picture is worth it!

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