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Celebrating accomplishments: funny story

Funny story. This Mother’s Day was one to remember for me. The day began on the way to church this special Sunday morning. My teenage son was mad because he could not get the Mustang that he wanted, so he pouted while playing on the drums during worship.

After worship the pastor, my husband, gave the crowd an opportunity to say something special about their mothers. Two of my daughter’s friends sitting next to her spoke of the greatness of their mothers. When my daughter was given the opportunity, and the microphone, she just looked at me and rolled her teenage eyes. Humiliation.

That was only the morning service. That evening we returned. Joshua, my two year old was not feeling well. I picked him up in the parking lot and he threw up all over me. I was covered in throw up. A lady at our church witnessed me covered in throw up and said she would run to her house and get me something to wear. I live 20 minutes away so this was a blessing. Only problem was is that she is a size zero. I am not! I told her to grab the most gigantic thing she had.

She came back with something and it actually looked pretty cute on me. I decided it wasn’t going to be such a bad evening after all. Then I carried Joshua up to the alter to pray for him during service. Shortly afterwards he began throwing up on me again. I got up and walked calmly to the nursery, carrying him.

The point of all this is to share and celebrate an accomplishment. Me. I did not cry or break down. I kept it all together. Now I can smile about it, weeks later.

However, the most wonderful thing of all that I can celebrate is my salvation. That is the greatest accomplishment any Christian has. No grave, death or Hell can steal that accomplishment. I thank Jesus for the victory of the cross. I thank him for the ability to remain cool under pressure, and throw up. Knowing that no matter the situation, he is with me. That is an accomplishment for me!

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