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Christmas Traditions

For my entire life, Christmas has been my favorite time of the whole entire year. First and foremost because we are intentionally celebrating Jesus' birth! But then also because it's a fantastic opportunity to connect with family and friends who I don't always get to see on a regular basis.

Lucky for me, my family loves Christmas just as much as I do! As a child, there was one tradition that we had every single year. On a night before Christmas, we would all put on our pajamas and we would drive and make a circle around our parish to see all of the Christmas lights that were on display! Christmas lights are so magical to me! They transform a home, garden, business, etc. to be so much more enjoyable and they draw you to enjoy their beauty!

As we would drive around to see the lights, we would stop at the same hole in the wall each time to grab dinner. A small, hole-in-the-wall business called Harry's sold something called a "pronto pup." To explain it simply, it is a hot dog deep fried in a crispy batter! To further explain...THIS IS NOT A CORNDOG!!!!!!! It's a special thing. It's a pronto pup (haha). I get a bit defensive. And I'm pretty sure that my parents fed our entire family of 4 an entire meal for less than $15! (We were all about that cheap life!)

I will hold this tradition close to my heart for the rest of my life! This is something that has become a tradition with my husband and I (except we don't have pronto pups where I live-sad day). But each year we change into our PJ's, exchange gifts early with just the two of us, cook a dinner of some sort, and then drive around looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music blaring and enjoying each other's company!

I encourage you, find a tradition with your people! Bring something to the table that will be a forever memory. It doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be elaborate. Just show up! Merry Christmas!

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