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Closing the Divide

We have a choice to make each day — to be part of the problem or part of the solution. We can accept things around us as “well that’s just how it is” or we can become a culture changer. Being part of the solution is being a culture changer. This is something you can’t be by merely watching from the sidelines. You have to move!! You have to get out and get involved in the lives of those God has placed in your path. It might look like Friday night football games, Saturday morning soccer games or maybe even the awards ceremonies at your local schools. For you, it might be the Council on Aging for lunch, volunteer book reading at the Assisted Care Home or volunteering to serve on the Town Committee for parades, carnivals and street dances. Maybe even being a part of a diverse group (multiple denominations) for Bible Study or visiting other churches women’s groups from time to time. Community within a church is fabulous but community outside the church is priceless. If we want to be culture changers and actually see our communities grow for the Lord we have to make an impact — building relationships that bring a diverse culture together by closing the divide.

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