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Come Right On In!

Can’t wait to say these words again as my friends merrily walk in through my door in anticipation for a delicious meal or a good cup of coffee or just good old non-interrupted quality time together. Who misses those good old days already?

The funny thing is that, daily, Jesus invites us to.... "Come right on in!" He has a scrumptious spiritual meal prepared for us. And even better, there are no visitation hour restrictions. It's open access, 24/7! Not like in the days of old when the people of God had this huge heavy ornate curtain restricting their access to encountering God AND they could only visit once a year. But amazingly, today we only have to come to God with a repentant & humble heart knowing that Jesus' shed blood opened the way for us to approach God with confidence.

Did you know that one of the 5 things that happened the instant Jesus died on the cross was that that curtain that separated the common believers from the presence of God was torn in two.? Riiiiip ! Can your hear it? Imagine it happening in sloooow mooootion? Could you take a moment & imagine the sound of that curtain ripping? That miraculous rip, gave way to an endless season of 2 way interactions between man & God. Yes, you & me have an open door to his company. All I can say is, THANK YOU JESUS!

How might we best take advantage of this open access that so graciously has been extended to us?


  1. Kitchen Sink Study:  Since all of us spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen we can tack up Bible verses on the window sill, or at a similar convenient location. Meditate on them. Memorize them. Drink it in. Ask God to speak to you while we’re prepping, cooking, or cleaning.

  2. Pray Through The Fruit: Pray thru the fruit of the Holy Spirit, one each week; ask God to cultivate that characteristic in you through specific events in your life that week (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).

  3. Laundry Prayers: As you fold clothes for yourself or each person in our family, decide to pray for that person while you fold their clothes. Each piece of clothing could even represent an aspect of their lives.

  4. Pray Your Schedule: Give God your past week, month, quarter & ask for his perspective & comments. Do the same with your coming day & week. Ask him for insight into the things he wants you to do & not to do, accomplish, pray for, & people to meet with. Ask him to permeate you & your family's plans.

What is your curtain made of & how thick is it? What things or activities hinder you from walking on in to the presence of God? Not enough time in your schedule? Overwhelming guilt for the years of turning away from Him? The business of child-rearing? Actually, the possibilities are endless.

We have the option to keep our distance from the Holy Of Holies as if the curtain still existed & hadn't been torn open for us OR we could take door #2 & run into to the presence of the Father of forgiveness & of unending love knowing that the sacrifice made on Good Friday swung the door open for us; allowing us to "Come right on in."

I pick door #2!


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