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So this one sounds a bit strange...but I'm thankful for the ability to communicate at any time or any place with people that are a 10 minute drive from me or 400 miles away!

I moved out of my hometown to attend college (just an hour away). Even though it's only an hour, my heart often aches to be able to see and spend time with my family. This is also true for my husband's family as well. They live about 2 and a half hours away from us now. We both grew up in families that spent a lot of time together. So for us to be able to communicate with them whenever we want, even if we can't see them face to face, means the world to both of us.

Following college, one of my closest friends in the world move to Houston, TX. That's about a 4 hour commute from where I live. One of the things that has kept our friendship close and intentional has been regularly scheduled phone calls as well as text messages when we happen to think about one another in the random every day doings of life.

Our cell phones, social media, and other forms of communication can become an idol if we aren't aware. We can watch Youtube videos for hours on end, or spend time on Facebook looking at other's lives and longing for that to be our own. But if we keep a healthy attitude about using our phones for good communication, then they can be a tool that keeps us connected with those we love most even when we can't see them face to face!

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