Communication is Key

I’m so sorry for the delay in posting. I was having technical difficulties this morning. If you know me, you know I am “old school and proud of it”. I even have a tee shirt that says as much. I had to contact my son who is also my technical advisor for help after church. He walked me through a very easy fix and presto, I’m back online again. As I was thinking about today’s post, and the frustration of trying to get it posted, I was reminded that so many of life’s dilemmas can be remedied with communication.

I am not a confrontational person so I tend to stuff things that bother me. It’s easier that way, so I think. I was taught that words can sticks and stones and that I should be cautious how I use them. I do believe that is true, however, stuffing everything down is a dangerous thing too. As I continue to mature, I know that I cannot expect my spouse or family or friends, or anyone to know what I am thinking or needing if I don’t express that to them.

The Bible tells us to ...ask, and he will answer us.... God wants us to voice our dependence, and desires to Him. As I cast my cares on him, I know that he hears them and is concerned for my needs. He truly helps me know what situations are mine to work on alone and which ones I need to talk out with others.

I encourage you to ponder your “technical difficulties”in relationships. What is God telling you to work out in solitude and what things might need a discussion. Relationships are hard work and require much time and effort to produce good ones. Invest because the reward is worth it!!

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