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Cool nights, and sunny days

Isn’t it crazy how autumn just “happened“ this year? It seems that the heat of September was never going to end and then, boom a few tornadoes with crazy storms blew in and the trees are amazingly beautiful!

These couple of months are my favorite of the entire year. I love the cool nights and early mornings, then the sun comes out and warms me. However, it does pose one tiny problem—

”WHAT TO WEAR? Usually the problem now is fixed with layering. I remember as a child, I had that problem too. I would wear a jacket to school, then leave it there in the afternoon because I didn’t need it then. But, the next morning I realized my jacket was in the wrong place. My locker would get full of jackets and sweaters until I ran out at home then it was time to clean everything out of the locker. It wasn’t until I was in need that I remembered where my answer lie. I had to have the need in order to look for the source

It still is like that at times, I can forget who is my Source, until I found myself missing something or needed something. Then I cry out and search for Him. I am so grateful that He is always there, always faithful to me. My desire is that I remember at all times, that He is my source and my every present help, my comfort, my deliverer, my friend.

I am truly GRATEFUL——THANKFUL——BLESSED. And so are you!

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