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Cool Waters

We all know what to expect in the coming months: heat and humidity. Although

I would rather summer over winter, I get hot and long for a cool refreshing dip in the pool. It seems to instantly bring an “awe” from my lips as I come out of the water. I feel better, cooler, soothed, refreshed, energized. Proverbs 18:4 “Says wise words are like deep waters, wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook”.

As I continue in God’s Word, reading and studying, I will continue to gain wisdom. James tells us to ask for wisdom and God will grant it. I want the words I speak to be full of wisdom. They will be refreshing to others.

Back to the water, when I wade into a part of the stream that has been stagnant, not flowing, the water becomes warm and even hot. It isn’t refreshing, or cooling, but as I walk farther into the stream or go a little deeper into the pool , the water becomes cooler. That is where the exchange takes place and I get cooled down. The water is soothing and my spirit is lifted. Wisdom found is God’s Word does that for us. We need to dive in, soak in HIs presence to gain wisdom for the day . Then we will be equipped to speak what we know and be a soothing, refreshing voice to each other.

Much love to you!

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