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Creating Bridges

It has been hard to be present on social media the last few weeks. There are so many different issues that have polarized my feed into factions and sides. Whether it be abortion, border control, or the even the recent Saints game (I know there are many still in mourning), people are passionate about their points of view coming across. What I find disheartening is that many of my friends that are believers are in odds against each other and can be quite hateful when they put their point across. This is dangerous for the Kingdom. As believers, it is our duty to be unified in our devotion to Jesus and love for one another. I want to talk about ways we can create bridges to unity rather than chasms.

First things first, arguing over social media will never change someone’s heart. Heart change comes directly from the Holy Spirit. While it is important for us to speak truth, we have to trust the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of man. If you really feel it is important to share your views on something, share in person in loving relationship and always be ready to listen. We tend to communicate differently online then we would face to face. When we have conversations with people in the flesh, it helps us to not fall into the temptation to forget that be loving towards those who think differently than us.

Second, communicate compassion. We do the Kingdom a disservice when we share our views in a way that is completely devoid of compassion. Compassion doesn’t water down truth, it gives life to truth. Jesus was moved by love and compassion when he told the rich leader to sell all his possessions and give to the poor. That was a very challenging and strong word, but it was spoken out of love for him. We should always do the same.

Third, it is important for us as a Christian community to take personal responsibility for Kingdom justice in our cities. It is easy for us to look at politicians and shake our fists at them, but I think we first should shake our fists at ourselves. How are we looking at the injustices around us and asking God to give us wisdom on how to combat them? When we are busy at work righting the wrongs in our communities, we have an opportunity to invite others into being the solution. I believe that the Christian community is still powerful and able to make radical change in our world today! Do you believe that? Do you believe you can be a part of that?

It is really easy to post a view on Facebook or share a picture on Instagram. It is way harder to share hard truth to a friend and listen when they disagree, truly enter into God’s compassion for the broken and hurting, or take personal responsibility for the injustice in your city; nevertheless, Jesus calls his people to do hard things for the Kingdom! Let’s build some bridges!

- Morgan Fulton

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