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Does Your Sabbath Serve You?

Busy busy busy....planning planning planning....the life we live sometimes has a way of controlling even the best of us. We live by a schedule that many times we make ourselves with unrealistic expectations of actually doing the things we write down. At the beginning of 2019, I detoxed from a smart phone and social media. What a HUGE change that has made in my personal life. Over the course of the summer, I came to an astonishing conclusion that my schedule needed to be detoxed from also. I threw it away one Monday morning and deleted reminders and anything that tied me to doing and not BEING. I have to admit it was super hard at first and I forgot to do some things and disappointed a few people a long the way. By summers end --- freedom reigns!!! I only schedule what can fit in my head. Appointments go on a calendar that reminds me the day before but daily or weekly things to do... well they are stored in the brain. All this was good but it seemed I was still lacking something. A day for me and just me was becoming so very necessary. In ministry, Sundays are not what a Sabbath was intended for. I work on Sundays and they never feel like rest or relaxation to me. I was serving others on my day of day of recharge. When God finished His creation, he took a Sabbath so in following that example I now have a day of no alarm, no plans, no phone, no people (unless I want them there) and just BEING no doing! I am now able to be more productive with energy in my other days. Time seems to always be enough for the day and I sleep better than ever. My Sabbath serves me well......does your Sabbath serve you?

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