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Enjoying the Christmas Season for All It’s Worth!

I don’t know about you but the Christmas season can be a huge time of stress. Whether it’s finalizing things at work, getting ready to host family, buying gifts, or attending gatherings, there is always tons of things going on during this season. I want to challenge all of you simply allow yourself to be mindful of Jesus everyday in this season.

It is such a simple and quick task, but it could turn you from angst and stress to joyful celebration. Take a moment to ruminate on what He has done for you, the majesty of the incarnation, or the sacrifice of the cross. Allow thoughts of Him to be your filter as you walk through your Christmas prep and celebration.

Take the time to share with friends and family about how this season is reminding you of the glory of Jesus. This easy and simple practice can literally turn the mood around in your household, friendships, and workplace as you keep “the reason for the season” in the forefront of your mind.

I will start us out! Today, I had the opportunity to spend time with one of my best friends. We talked about life and what God has been teaching us lately. This was an amazing time of refreshing and refocusing. It makes me think of all the time Jesus must’ve sat down with his disciples discussing what God was doing in and through their lives. I’m thankful to have a Savior who beautifully demonstrated life in community for me!

Now it’s your turn! How has Jesus impacted your world today?

Merry Christmas everyone,

Morgan Fulton

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