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Eyes to See

False accusations. Judgements. Betrayal. Abandonment. These are all actions you do not expect from those you call 'friend'. Often you would consider people who instigate hurtful situations to be enemies. When we have the mindset of 'enemy', our minds often tend to justify our lack of forgiveness of letting go of our hurt. But Christ made it clear in Matthew 5, "Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you."

About eight years ago, our family walked through the most trying event we had ever experienced. For this wife, it was hard not to throw back negative words while listening to false accusations against my husband. For this mamma bear, it took everything in me not to fight back when the harsh judgements came against my kids. I knew I was to love each of them with the love of Christ, but I didn't know how to get there through my own hurt and pain.

Then the love of Christ broke through. He gave me eyes to see truth. His truth. That His ultimate goal was for His body to become one with Him. And to be made whole. I started seeing that each person who was lashing out, actually was lashing out from their own brokenness. They were not really speaking but their brokenness was. He gave me eyes to see their need to be made whole.

So how can I love my enemies even through the pain they may bring? By putting on blinders to what I see with my natural eyes and looking into the truth of their own hurt through eyes that see what only God can see.

Today I am still asking Him to give me eyes to see the hurts of others and the love to reach them.

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