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“Lack of focus leads to misplaced priorities” is a quote that crossed my path the other day and made me contemplate on how finding focus in this marvelous world of endless possibilities and keeping it, is no easy venture. You and I know exactly what that looks in real life, don’t we? No matter what season of life you find yourself in or how old you are, the struggle to keep first things first is real ya’ll!

In the books of Luke and Haggai we can find great biblical accounts that remind us that this same struggle has been REAL for a long time! In the scenario found in Luke 10:38-42, Martha was distracted and could not discern what was most important at the moment. In Haggai 1:2-9 the prophet had to point out to the Israelites the endless rat race that they put themselves in. Their lives were being consumed by their blurred vision together with selfishness and they didn’t even realize it. I believe that in both scenarios we can see how misplaced priorities have their beginnings in loss of focus which then are compounded by a lack of awareness that adjustments need to be made.

I LOVE how Haggai prefaces his calculated plan to repair Jerusalem by challenging the Israelites to “consider your ways”, and then later reiterates it once again.

Pausing to “consider our ways” at least twice a year is crucial for us staying the course. How else can we properly learn to number our days and gain a heart of wisdom? (Ps 9:12)

You may want to take some time today to prayerfully engaging in this “considering” by completing this short activity. It will help you get a visual of what areas may need some tending to.


-Print out Life Wheel and rate the level of quality in each areas of your life 0-10 and then connect the dots to actually “see” the areas you need to work on.

-Write down the 2 areas that are mostly out of balance and journal what the outcome could be in a year if you choose not tend to them?

-Spend some time with Jesus asking what has prevented you from gaining movement in these area.

-Write down your necessary steps and

adjustment(s) needed to realign your focus.

May Jesus fill you with insight, courage and grace as you dig a little deeper today.

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