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False Fire and Real Fire

When my husband, Joe and I, first moved to our new town we were in search of a new church. We had committed to driving an hour and a half back to our previous church on Sundays. So Wednesday night church was our only option for the next few months. My husband called me on our 3rd day in our new home and said,“Get dressed, we are going to go check out the church a few miles from our home tonight.” Let me just say, I was not very excited, it was 6pm, I had been unpacking and cleaning all day with 3 small children in the house. I needed a shower and I wasn’t ready to people. Unexcited and nervous, I got myself and 3 kiddos fed and ready for 7pm. We went to service and we loved it! The Lead Pastors were on vacation but we loved their congregation. 

We decided to go back the next Wednesday. After service, we met the Pastor and his wife. The Pastor and my husband were walking around taking a tour, while I was talking on the other side of the sanctuary with his wife and all our children. 

All of a sudden, I hear on the loud speaker, "Everyone carefully exit the building. Fire, Fire.. Sprinklers will engage in 5 minutes!”

It sounded like a joke but then the lights started to turn red and blink and the sprinklers began to move. I looked down, and Nathan, who was my active and mischevious 5 yr old, was gone. I thought to myself, "please don’t let it be Nathan, please God don’t let it be Nathan!”

I turn around only to see my husband carrying my son on his side like a sack of potatoes running to me to hand him over. I am mortified at this moment. I am so embarrassed! I could have crawled under the chairs in front of us. What a great first impression. Screaming inside, thinking, "we are never coming back here again!”

My husband runs to me and yells, “Nathan turned the fire alarm wheel in the office and the pastor is trying to cancel the fire truck. You guys go get in the car. Hopefully we can keep the sprinklers from starting and ruining the sanctuary."

We very embarrassingly got into our vehicle. The Pastors assured us all was fine but we drove off declaring we would never step foot into that sanctuary again. 

One would say, “ why in the world is this your favorite church story!”

It is my favorite memory because that Pastor and his wife called the very next day. They told us they were so glad that we were at the church and couldn’t wait to see us again soon. They also told us that a week before, another person child had turned the same fire wheel and to be at ease, nothing had come of it. That Pastor and his wife became some of the most instrumental people in our lives for the next 5-1/2 yrs.

They became Our Pastors, teachers, family, friends and confidants. That Pastor and his wife saw something in us that we could not see. Seven years later, our Pastor has retired and my husband and I have had the honor of becoming the Lead Pastors. God chose us, they chose us and our church family chose us, we are forever grateful. Never take first impressions too God ,wait on Him and see what false fires He can put out. Don’t let embarrassment of false fire steal your real Fire! 


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