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Family is Family

Can you remember the day you realized you were stuck with your family?

At the age of 8, I packed my bags and left because being the baby of 9 I was always told to "be quiet" or "go away" or even "not now Callie”-- I felt like somewhere in the world there was a family that wanted me more. I made it down the road (5 houses down) and was distracted by the puppies under someone’s house. So, I decided to play with the puppies. I lost track of time and once dark hit I could hear my mom and siblings screaming my name frantically. I jumped up and ran home. At first, I got fussed at for wandering off but then the hugs and kisses came. Later that night things went back to normal and I was ignored. However, this time I smiled because I knew they really wanted me.

Why is this important?

So often we feel as if we are not appreciated. We feel as if we are unwanted. Do we belong? The thing is our focus gets shifted to ourselves. When the focus is on ourselves, we lose sight of what matters. Family is family whether biological, adopted, church or life friends and the best gift you can give your family is your time. Make time today for those you love.

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