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Fighting for our fellow women......

At a recent meeting with pastors in our area, the discussion topic was 'diversity in ministry.' We had lots of dialogue about the diversity of our ministers in the state and how we can further be intentional to become even more diverse.

One area of diversity we discussed was women in ministry! One of my favorite topics!! As a female in ministry I long to see the women around me and coming behind me feel empowered to pursue and step into whatever calling it is that the Lord has placed on their lives. I hate seeing women (or anyone for that matter) hold back from doing what they feel God has called them to do because they don't have enough encouragement or championing from the people around them. Or because they simply don't know how to make it happen.

A few weeks ago I blogged about being women who help resource and fight for the women who are around us. I feel like when it comes to leadership and being in ministry we need to be even more tenacious about fighting for the ladies around us.

Here are few ways that I think we can do this:

1. Let's know the women around us and the things that the Lord has laid on their hearts. We can't fight for one another if we haven't invested enough to even know what to fight for.

2. Let's speak encouragement and value into the women around us. Building others up never detracts from who we are. Let's see the greatness in the ladies around us and call it out!

3. Let's help the ladies around us find the next steps to fulfill the call on their lives. So many ladies want to serve and want to lead and want to be in ministry but aren't even sure where to start. If you're a lady reading this and trying to find the next steps, I encourage you to consider pursuing your credentials. The process helps you learn and make connections and build commitment to the calling you're walking out. Of course you can be in ministry without credentials, but I believe there's something special and beneficial to pursuing that as a part of the process. If you haven't looked into the credential process yet or have no idea where to start, trust me it's not as scary as you think. Our very own Blog contributor Brenda actually heads up the credential process for the state of Louisiana. I know she has a massive heart to see those interested find the way to make it happen. And I know she would love to talk and answer any questions you might have. if you're thinking about it, give her a call this week! (Just call 318-445-6238 and ask for Brenda) Or feel free to comment below and one of us will reach out to help you take the next steps!

4. Let's be willing to walk the journey. Championing and encouraging our fellow ladies in ministry isn't just a one time thing. It's not just one cup of coffee or phone call. It's believing in and walking with one another through things. Essentially it's living life together! Let's do that with one another.

5. Let's be willing to fight the necessary battles so that the women coming behind us have an even easier on-ramp. The longer I'm in ministry the more I realize that if I want to speak into and call out the women coming up behind me, then I have a responsibility to hand them a better area and district than I have been a part of. We serve in an incredible district here in Louisiana. Personally I wouldn't want to serve anywhere else! But even the most incredible things have room and places to grow. And it's our responsibility to find those areas and make them even better for the generation coming behind us.

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