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Fit as a Fiddle

Does anyone really know what that phrase is suppose to mean? Google and I are getting to be good friends,so I just asked Siri. She says it is “to be very fit and well.” Originally, fit did not mean healthy and energetic, it meant suitable, seemly. In a way we presently would say ”fit for purpose.’ The fiddle is a colloquial name for violin, the soprano voice in stringed instruments.

I could go into detail of the design of the violin, how it‘s made and the sturdiness of its structure, but I will choose to focus on the purpose. It was made as a means for someone to make beautiful music with it. The style of music varies with the player, but the instrument is the same.

I have heard blue grass, country, “ho down”, Celtic, and beautiful sonatas in the classical style. Each has its unique characteristics, sounds and rhythm and each is beautiful in its own unique way. Crazy thing about the violin is this—if it is not being played, it can make no music.

I have a cello that has been sitting in a corner for quite some time. I played when I was in school for several years, However, it doesn’t get much if any use lately. I have the desire, but I haven’t taken the time to refurbish, clean or tune my instrument. If I don't do that, music cannot come out of it.

Sisters, God is the master artist that wants to use our instrument. Is it “fit for purpose”. Or it is sitting in a corner collected dust? I want my life to play beautiful music but I have to make sure that it is fit for the master’s use and purpose. “Take my life and let it be all for you..”

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