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Fit Is Not a Destination, It's a Way of Life

Happy Friday Sisterhood!!

Today’s topic is Fit Friday. When I think about being fit, my mind doesn’t take me to the track where I like to run (haha), I imagine what it means spiritually. Here are a few words that come to mind in order to become [spiritually] fit:

F- First: Put Jesus first. This sounds so basic, and that’s the point. This is the basic building block of being spiritually fit.

I-Intentional: Yes. It’s going to take work. Just like there has to be intentionality in my efforts to become a stronger runner, I have to intentionally keep Jesus first in all things: the way I spend time in prayer, in how I respond to my spouse, in the way I parent my kids, in dealing with people, etc. I think you get the picture. Intentionally keeping Jesus first doesn’t just apply to the spiritual things I do, but also the practical.

T-True: God’s Word is true. So here’s me being real: Even in the middle of putting Jesus first and making every effort to keep Him there, I can still find myself faltering because, well- life. The only thing that is unfailing, unwavering, and infallible is His word. It’s true what He says about Himself and what He says about you and I. In other words, when I’m faltering, His truth points me back to Jesus first.

I’m writing these words literally 25,000 thousand feet in the air as I make my way back home. Back Home. Those words invoke a much deeper meaning for me than a geographic location. They’re not so much about a where, as they are about a Who. That ‘Who’ is where my soul finds its rest; my True North, if you will. I’m talking about Father God.

One of the most important things we will ever learn as Christians is how to get back home. Unlike earthly parents who raise children to one day leave, our Heavenly Father desires for His children to frequently return. In our journey, we need a spiritual compass.

The way a compass works is based on magnetism. The Earth is like a giant magnet-a constant force- that draws or pulls the needle of a compass to point towards the North Pole. You could be anywhere on this planet and a compass will always show you True North. Follow me as I draw a connection here: When we make God our constant, just like the Earth, He draws us to Himself. There will never be a place that we find ourselves that He is not pulling us back to Him. What an incredible comfort this is!!

Babes, I hope these F.I.T. words encourage you. I’m praying for you all this week!!

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