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Forward Thinking

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores, and probably yours too. I always love looking at the wall art with all the sayings, and scripture they offer for us to hang in our homes.

One of the more recent designs is all about arrows. The phrase I love to read is on a picture with an arrow and states ”don’t look back, it’s not where you are going.”

I enjoy archery and shooting guns. I try to get a bulls eye every time. I am competitive. Shooting straight and hitting the target requires focus and practice.

If we don’t keep our focus straight ahead, we begin to get off course. It is important to keep making adjustments to ensure that we continue straight ahead. This is true in our journey through life as well. Life can try to get us off course and steer us in the wrong direction, or at least to get our focus slightly off. The farther we continue, the farther we get off our mark.

Let’s make a commitment to focus on the mark that God has placed before us and make the adjustments in our daily lives to keep on course so we can hit the target, and even hit the bulls eye.

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